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DECEMBER. 17. 2006

Från oss alla till er alla, En riktigt God Jul & Ett Gott Nytt År!

Hör tomtefar sjunga./From all of us to all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hear Santa sing.

DECEMBER. 13. 2006

Luciafirande på Strömbacka. Musikesteterna M undervisar är så duktiga./Lucia festival at our highscool. The music pupils M teach are so skilful.

DECEMBER. 08. 2006

A rough week needs to be settled down.

Some hot wine punch is nice. Have a nice weekend!

DECEMBER. 04. 2006

Deep and dark December. How can anything grow?

Cheer you up by taking a peek at a Lazy Afternoon.



NOVEMBER. 19. 2006
Day two. The building contractor is pleased.
To be continued...
While the glue dry there are so many rolls to practise.
Forward, backward and mixed...

Walter worked with the inhabitants.

Day one. Me and Walter decided to build a castle.

NOVEMBER. 9. 2006

A sweet combination...

Sundström, Ramsby & Hederos.





OKTOBER. Stockholm & Portfölj 2006

The exhibition Portfölj 2006 in Stockholm. 140 illustrators and graphic designers participated.

If Dogs Run Free...



A model of a coming set design.
Autumn Leaves...



Expensive and boring drama. It must swing.

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